Tip down-tip ups: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

Tip down-tip ups: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

 Tip Down-Tip Ups make the life of an ice fisherman much easier. By design, this tool creates a stress free experience for fishermen at all levels. If you’re unfamiliar with their functionality, Tip Down-Tip Ups take the guesswork out of knowing when exactly there’s a fish on the line. It’s as easy as setting up the frame and fishing rod - then you sit back and wait to set the hook.

In our experience, investing in multiple Tip Down-Tip Ups is definitely in your best interest. Read on for the full breakdown of this essential ice fishing tool.

What Is A Tip Down-Tip Up?

A Tip Down-Tip Up is a frame that holds your fishing rod while you sit back and wait for fish to bite. But how will you know when you’ve caught a fish? The sensitivity of the Tip Down-Tip Up will naturally jig in the water but you will notice a change in pace when you have a bite. The rod will increase in movement and tug downward to alert you that something is on the hook. The frame is sensitively designed so that even the smallest bite will cause the rod to rock. 

At Bullnose, we know ice fishing calls for sturdy, robust equipment. Our Tip Down-Tip Up is made of durable, heavy duty steel to withstand ice fishing conditions. The frame is collapsible which makes transportation easy. 

How Does It Work? 

The Bullnose Tip Down-Tip Ups are easy to put together and use. All you have to do is simply unfold the frame and secure the clip on the rod handle. From there, place the rod with the clip on the frame and set the Tip Down-Tip Up by the fishing hole allowing you to be hands free. Make sure to hang tight until you see rocking motion indicating that you have caught a fish. 


Choosing The Right Size & Design

Not all ice fishing trips are the same. It’s important to choose the right Tip Down-Tip Up design that suits your needs. While similar in design, there are key differences between Original Blue and Big Red:

Original Blue Tip Down-Tip Up

Original Blue is smaller in size. This smaller frame caters to most spinning reels and some smaller straight-line reels. The frame is 9” in length, 4.5”  wide, and 8” high when opened. The plastic clip is custom made to fit a standard ¾” rod handle. Each unit comes with one clip. 

See full product specs here.

Big Red Tip Down-Tip Up

Big Red is a taller version of Original Blue. It is designed for larger reels and heavier lines. This frame is 12” long, 5” wide, and 10.5” high. Just like the Original Blue, it’s evenly balanced by the clip and fits a standard ¾” rode handle. 

See full product specs here.

Which Size Is Right For Me?

Double check what type of rods you are using when out on the ice. If you only use smaller reels and lighter lines then Original Blue will meet your needs. If you find that you are switching out between, both large and small reels, then Big Red is your best option as it's one size fits all. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you find yourself with more questions, feel free to contact us directly or scroll further for frequently asked questions from ice fishermen like yourself: 

Q: Can fish pull my tip-down tip-up in the hole? 

The frame is designed to be very sturdy, so when fish go for bait at the end of the line the frame should stay strong. 

Q: How does it set the hook? 

You set the hook, there is no spring-like mechanism used. When you notice activity happening at the end of the line, quickly lift the rod and set the hook. 

Q: Does it come with a flag and/or extra clips? 

No, it doesn’t come with a flag; the frames are designed to balance freely on the frame. 

Each frame comes with one clip. Extra clips are sold separately and may be purchased directly through our website in a pack of 2. 

Fish Smarter, Not Harder

Adding a Tip Down-Tip Up to your ice fishing inventory improves your time on the (hard) water all around. Instead of stressing about holding a fishing rod or potentially having a fish on the line, this tool’s rocking feature will let you know if anything is biting. Easy to install and even easier to use - investing in your own Bullnose Tip Down-Tip Up is designed to take care of the tedious work so you can take in the great outdoors the way nature intended.

Interested in learning more about our Tip Down-Tip Ups? Read up on everything you need to know before making a purchase here.

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