Ice Fishing Auger Stoppers

Never lose your auger to the ice again!

Don't Lose Your Auger

The Auger Stopper is an ice fishing tool designed to prevent hand augers from falling through the ice when using a battery-powered drill. Seasoned ice fishers know that if your drill happens to detach from the auger, your auger is lost to the ice. The Auger Stopper is a simple tool that prevents that from happening. Simply add an Auger Stopper to the top of the auger shaft so you never lose an auger to the ice again.

Patent No. US D907,071 S

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Two Styles Of Ice Fishing Auger Stoppers

We have two versions of this product available: one variation with an adapter and the other without. Note that the disc is compatible with a majority of hand augers that have an 8" blade or smaller. Review the info below to see which variation is the right fit for you.

Style One: Auger Stopper With Adapter

Our ice fishing auger stopper includes a disc and a stainless-steel adapter for those who don't yet have either. The adapter is very strong, made of solid stainless-steel material and designed to fit an average 20-volt battery powered drill. The adapter also has a unique design that prevents the disc from spinning. The disc is made of a heavy-duty solid red plastic that will easily stop your auger from falling through the ice.


*For hand augers only. Does NOT fit K-Drill augers.*

Parts Included

The Auger Stopper with Adapter includes 4 parts: (1) stainless-steel adapter, (1) steel washer, (1) e-clip, (1) stopper disc. Assembly instructions are included with packaging, making it easy to install. You may also view the instructional tutorial video below.


(1) Auger Stopper Disc; Diameter: 9”/22.86cm. (1) Stainless steel adapter; Diameter: 0.71"/1.80 cm, Wing Bolt Hole: 0.25”/6.64cm, Chuck: fits up to ½” drill bit. (1) Washer; Diameter 5/8”. (1) E-clip (Pliers needed for assembly)

Tutorial Video

How to assemble the Ice Fishing Auger Stopper with Adapter

Style Two: Auger Stopper Disc

Style 2

The second auger stopper style is geared toward those who already have an adapter and are looking to protect their auger blade with a disc (adapter not included). The disc is made to attach to a hand auger shaft rather than the adapter, which is secured in place by two clamps that are included. Center of disc fits around a standard 1" hand auger shaft. The disc measures 9" in diameter and fits up to 8" hand auger blades.

Parts Included

The Auger Stopper includes 5 parts: (2) plastic clamps with screws, (2) O-rings, (1) stopper disc. Easily installs in minutes. Phillips screw driver will be needed for assembly. *Adapter not included.


(2) Plastic Clamps; Diameter: 1”/2.54cm. (1) Auger Stopper Disc; Diameter: 9”/22.86cm, fits up to 8” hand auger blades, Inner Diameter: 1”/2.54cm. (2) O-rings.

Ice Fishing Auger Stopper In Action

Auger Stopper For 20 Volt Hand Drill

"On my first day, my auger came out of the drill and the red disc saved my auger. It already paid for itself."

— Teresa Shoultes

"This thing probably saved my auger a couple of times. Worked perfectly!"

— Zeus

"This adapter works great with my hand drill and ice auger. Very high quality. The pan prevents the auger from falling into the hole."

— Hongshen Liu

Ice Fishing Auger Stoppers

Protect your Ice Fishing Auger from falling through the ice!