Do I Need A Rudder On My Boat Or Kayak?

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Do I Need A Rudder On My Boat Or Kayak?

Any avid kayaker and boat owner will tell you that when it comes to being on the water, each boat has a mind of its own. A “personality” if you will. 

And depending on your current skills, holding your own on a boat doesn’t always come as naturally as we’d like it to. The best tracking and steering methods can vary depending on what kind of boat you have. Using rudders on small boats (think kayaks, canoes, pontoons, jon boats, etc.) are commonly debated amongst boat enthusiasts in general. And while some people argue that rudders are more troublesome than they’re worth - they can’t deny the steering and overall maneuverability benefits that come from investing in this kind of equipment. 

Read on to take a deep dive into rudders and learn how to tell if you need one on your boat or kayak. 

What Is A Rudder & How Does It Help?

Rudders are designed to help us get the most out of our boating experience. No matter if it’s fishing or sailing, a rudder maintains control - even in windy conditions. Rudders are known for effectively reducing the yaw (AKA the left and right nodding of the bow), as well as help keeping boats on a straight path. These capabilities create a stress-free experience on all types of bodies of water.

Rudder on a small boat in the water


How To Tell If A Rudder Is A Good Solution For Me

When it comes to choosing a rudder for your own boat or kayak, consider the size and design of the boat. Motorized kayaks and small boats benefit from the Bullnose Rudder. Its clamp-on design fits most 24-55 pound thrust transom electric trolling motors and a select few cable pull bow mounts. If you find yourself struggling to stay on track while trolling and becoming frustrated in the process, a rudder could be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Small Watercraft Rudder


Key Advantages Behind The Bullnose Rudder 

When you’re on the water and weather conditions start to shift nothing is more important than getting to a safe destination. Motorized kayaks and other smaller boats can utilize the Bullnose Rudder to track and steer in a straight line - getting you from point A to point B without exhausting yourself.  

Weather aside, using a rudder helps us enjoy fishing the way nature intended. At Bullnose, our rudders are manufactured from impact plastic and come with stainless steel screws creating a snug, tight fit. This is critical for fishers. After all, there’s nothing worse than a piece of your boat coming loose with a big fish on the line. 

How To Install A Bullnose Rudder

In general, our rudder is so simple that it takes less than 5 mins to install. We kept it easy and hassle free with our customers in mind when creating the Bullnose Rudder. It attaches to the 1 ⅛” (1.125”) diameter shaft of your small watercraft trolling motor- making installation a breeze. All you’ll need is a Phillips screwdriver! 

Installing A Rudder On A Boat


Choose A Rudder That’s Compatible With Your Boat Or Kayak

The necessity of a rudder can vary depending on what kind of boat you have, The Bullnose Rudder is a must if you have a smaller, motorized watercraft, such as an inflatable pontoon, kayak, jon boat, Pelican Bass Raider 10E, etc... Upgrading your boat not only improves your maneuverability on the water, but helps you truly enjoy the world around you. 

As you research whether or not a rudder is right for you - consider talking to the pros at Bullnose Products. We helped thousands of people invest in the right outdoor fishing equipment based on their skill level and needs. Learn more about the Bullnose Rudder or contact us today to ask your questions directly!
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