What Is An Auger Stopper?

What Is An Auger Stopper?

All ice fishermen understand the importance of protecting their hand auger from falling through the ice when using a battery powered hand drill. The weight of the auger can cause the chuck of the drill to come loose, putting the blade at risk of detaching. Though this is a risk, you don’t have to sacrifice your auger to the fate of the lake. By adding an Auger Stopper, it will catch your auger at the ices edge if it were to unfortunately become detached.  

Read more to learn details about this must-have fishing tool, and how it can help make your next ice fishing trip trouble free.

Auger Stoppers Broken Down

Auger Stoppers come in two different variations to meet your specific needs. We offer an “Auger Stopper with Adapter” and an “Auger Stopper” without an adapter. Learn about the differences between the two by reading below to see which one is right for you.

“Auger Stopper With Adapter”

This 1st variation comes with a disc and a heavy duty stainless steel adapter. It is highly recommended for any fisherman that wants to switch from their hand crank to a 20 volt battery powered drill to help speed things up when cutting through the ice. The stainless steel adapter is a necessary piece for this switch as it provides an attachment for the drill on one end and a shaft insert with a pin hole on the other.  The 9” disc is wide enough to protect 8” hand auger blades or smaller. Being 1” wider (or more) than your blade will prevent it from falling beneath the ice. 

“Auger Stopper” without adapter 

This 2nd variation is designed for those who already have a drill adapter and  just need added protection from losing their auger blade.  How this works is the Auger Stopper attaches directly to the auger shaft, rather than an adapter. The center of the disc fits around a standard 1” hand auger shaft secured between two clips holding it in place. The disc itself is 9” in diameter and protects up to 8” hand auger blades or smaller.

How To Put It Together

Each Auger Stopper is a little different when it comes to assembly requirements. Instructions and parts included are listed below to help get an idea for how easy assembly is when it comes to getting ready for the ice.  


Assembly With Adapter 

Putting together an Auger Stopper with  Adapter is not as hard as you might think. Minimal assembly is required and should take less than 5 mins. Parts included: (1) stainless-steel adapter, (1) steel washer, (1) e-clip, (1) stopper disc


  • Remove the auger handle and set the bolt aside..
  • Take the disc and slide the adapter through the center. Press the pins on the adapter securely inside the grooves. This prevents the disc from spinning. 
  • Slide the washer onto the adapter.
  • Secure the e-clip in the groove to hold the washer and disc in place (this requires pliers). 
  • The assembled disc is now ready to attach to the auger blade.
  • Insert the stainless steel 0.71” adapter end into the top of the auger shaft and secure it with the bolt previously removed in the first step. Attach your 20 volt hand drill to the chuck end and your Auger Stopper is ready to go.


Assembly Without  Adapter 

Putting together an Auger Stopper without an adapter is a little different because it has a few different parts but overall the same concept. Parts included: (2) plastic clamps with screws, (2) O-rings, (1) stopper disc.

  • Remove the auger handle and set the bolt aside.
  • Slide one black clamp onto the auger shaft placing it a few inches below the top. Tighten screws and then roll the O-ring onto the auger shaft all the way down to meet the clamp. 
  • Slide the Auger Stopper disc through the auger shaft so it rests on the O-ring and clamp. 
  • Roll second O-ring onto the shaft next to the disc then slide the last clamp onto the shaft, fitting it tightly against the O-ring and disc, then tighten 
  • Attach your drill adapter (not included) to the top of the handle sliding the bolt through the shaft and adapter. 


What Are You Waiting For?

Auger Stoppers are essential for your next ice fishing trip so make sure to be ahead of the game and show up to the lake prepared with the peace of mind you will be bringing your auger blade home at the end of the day.  Click to shop our Auger Stoppers now.

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