What We Offer

Bullnose Products offers quality fishing gear, invented by the owners and sold by the owners. Our fishing products are unique, one of a kind and built to last with our consumers in mind. We currently feature the Bullnose Rudder, and two versions of Auger Stoppers as well as Ice Fishing Tip Down-Tip Ups. Each product is different in its own way and designed to perfection to help improve your fishing experience.  

Ice Fishing Auger Stopper

The Auger Stopper is an ice fishing tool designed to prevent hand augers from falling through the ice when using a battery-powered drill. If your drill happens to come detached from the adapter, the Auger Stopper will prevent the auger from falling beneath the ice.

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Bullnose Rudder

The Bullnose Rudder is designed to give you better control of your watercraft in most windy conditions, help hold a true course at most trolling speeds, and prevent the boat from spinning as much when the motor is off. The Bullnose Rudder clamps tightly to a 1 1/8" (1.125") diameter shaft of a trolling motor, and provides a more accurate course when fishing or boating.

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Ice Fishing Tip Down-Tip Up

It is essential that you know when the fish is starting to show interest in your bait. The rocking motion is extremely sensitive to even the slightest fish bites. A must for the avid ice fisherman who is tired of holding their fishing rod by hand and trying to guess when the fish is about to bite.

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Bullnose Rudder

Whether you want a straight course or to make sharper turns, the Bullnose Rudder provides precision that the trolling motor cannot.

“I put the Rudder on my Kayak when I installed a trolling motor. Not only does it work great turning the Kayak with the trolling motor on, it keeps the Kayak on a straight course when we are paddling.”

— Bo McBride, Jr.

The Best!

“I think the Big Red’s best feature is its easy access. There is no fumbling around with a rod holder when you have a bite. You simply grab the rod and set the hook. ”

— Nick Krueger

Big Difference!

”Installed the rudder on my Mina Kota 55 thrust. ... It was a mildly windy day and the installed rudder helped hold a true course at both a slow trolling speed and at higher speeds. ... Yes, it did make a noticeable difference."

— Hal

Really Happy!

"Arrived super fast, and quality was on point! The steel shaft will no doubt last a very long time. Really happy with the quality and sturdiness of the stopper."

— Don Muerto