The Inventor

Inventor of newly patented fishing Supplies

Jim Lefgren is the Genius behind it all.  As an active fishermen,
Jim is always working on ways to improve his fishing skills.

Bullnose Products Angler Jim Lefgren

Founded in 2015, based in Eugene OR and Pleasant Grove UT


Angler's Story

A true angler from Richmond, Utah, Jim spends most of his time walking the rivers or floating around the lakes on his pontoon.  He always has the next fishing trip planned before his current one is over.  If Jim isn't on the river or lake, then you are most likely to find him in his garage working on and perfecting his latest ideas and inventions.  He enjoys working with the fishing gear industry.  He puts an endless number of hours into his inventions to fine-tune them into perfection.  Jim notices the slightest details that go into fishing equipment, so he tends to find areas that are lacking or need improvement.  After some deep thought he starts to create much needed solutions to those problems.

Bullnose Products Inventor
Bullnose Products Jim Lefgren

Inventor's Fishing Products and its Success

With his inventor's mind always clicking, Jim has held numerous patents over the years, and has created several products that have become very successful.  If you ask anyone that knows Jim personally, they will tell you how creative and clever his ideas are.  In the past Jim has been able to manufacture and sell his products though the general public with the best resources he had at the time.  Thanks to the internet, he is now able to reach consumers all over the world with his amazing ideas.  His ideas have included fishing lures (wobblers), a wader tester for finding and repairing wader leaks, ground pole holders, and bucket pole holders for ice fishing poles.  Jim's most current patents include the Bullnose Rudder, the Ice Fishing Tip Down-Tip Up, and he originally invented and patented the Hardbite Carbite Fishing Cleats now marketed world-wide through Simms Fishing Products.   Many of these have been very successful in marketing, which has encouraged Jim to move forward with his creative ideas turning them into consumer products for all to enjoy.  


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