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“I put the Rudder on my Kayak when I installed a trolling motor. Not only does it work great turning the Kayak with the trolling motor on, it keeps the Kayak on a straight course when we are paddling.”
— Bo McBride, Jr.
“My Pretty wife Jerry bought me your latest invention “Bullnose Rudder”. A millions thank yous for your genius and hard work.”

— Kay Rogers

“Love my “Tip-Down’s” In Idaho we can fish with five poles during ice season. The sensitivity of the “Tip-Down” is like having a fish finder on each pole.”

— Keith Mikesell

"I bought my first Bullnose Rudder a year ago. It made a tremendous improvement to my steering and positioning on my fishing canoe. The bonus was the rudder keeps the weeds from wrapping around the prop. This summer I bought a second one for a 55lb thrust Minn Kota Max for motoring.
I use the first one on a 30lb thrust up front for trolling.
I recommend them to people who ask about them when they see them on the motor shafts. I wouldn't think of motoring or trolling without them now."

— Wayne Connetti

"This little dude is fantastic. I can turn within the length of my jon boat."

— Happy

"I use this rudder on my Minn Kota Traxxis 55 trolling motor, mounted on the transom of my 12 foot Jon boat. I definitely notice improved precision in the steering ability with this rudder addition. Especially with the flat bottom on the Jon boat, the overall improved steering is very noticeable."

— Danger031

"I have a small 10 ft pram boat that sits as flat and shallow as a boat can. This rudder Is a must to go where I want and not be controlled by wind and current."


“I think the Big Red’s best feature is it’s easy access. There is no fumbling around with a rod holder when you have a bite, you simply grab the rod and set the hook. ”

— Nick Krueger

“Rudder was ‘spot on’- added a great deal to the little skiff’s performance.”

— Kay Rogers

“Best rod holder I have used in all my fishing years of Ice-Fishing”

— Nick Krueger

“I used my Bullnose Rudder on my Hobie Float Cat 75 and it gives you perfect control, even with windy conditions, either mounted on the front or back..... You can turn on a dime. Just make a slight adjustment for wind conditions and you can troll in a straight line if desired. I am delighted with my purchase and will be needing one for my new 11 1/2’ Livingston that I have just customized.”

— N. Davis

"This kit makes a major difference when using a trolling motor as a primary motor. When running lower speeds it makes the motor to have a sharper response. When I didn't have it... it was like a delay in response to movement."

— ChrisInJesup

"Plastic appears to be heavy duty. Fits my Minnkota 55lb. thrust motor perfectly. Less than five minute installation. Makes turning much more responsive - even seems to help stability while drifting."


"Greatest $40.00 I spent on my inflatable pontoon. Made my boat track like it was on rails."

— Robert Smith

"We have two 14' Wilderness Thresher kayaks. we have joined them together so that we can motor up-river, then disconnect and paddle back down. Basically we created a catamaran that can easily be disconnected. We are powering this rig with a 55 pound thrust trolling motor and we carry two deep cell marine batteries. the trolling motor does turn the boat, but not well and very slowly. We added this rudder and used it this weekend for the first time and WOW what a difference! The rig tracks much better, and turns much sharper. I am very pleased!"

—C. Coombs