Bullnose Products Rudder

Bullnose Rudder

 Clamp On Rudder, Helps with Trolling Motor Tracking and steering

The Bullnose Rudder is a clamp-on Rudder that fits most electric trolling motors (24 to 55 Thrust) used for small boats, pontoons, kayaks, canoes, etc.  This Rudder gives you better control of your watercraft in most windy weather conditions, decreasing the need for oars.  It turns easily when steering, and it enables you to drive the craft even while fishing.  The Bullnose Rudder is well known for tracking and its ability to keep you drifting in a straight line.  Accurate tracking helps prevent you from getting too close to the shore and allows you to focus more on fishing. 

It is manufactured from impact plastic for durability and comes with stainless steel screws for fresh water/salt water boating.  Hardware for mounting is included along with some mounting tape if your shaft is a bit smaller or if you want it to fit extra tight.
(Trolling motor not included)

Bullnose Rudder
Trolling Motor Rudder
Kayak Rudder
Bullnose Rudder

A couple of minutes and a Philips screw driver is all you need to attach the Bullnose Rudder to the shaft of your small watercraft motor.  It measures approx. 5"x10"x2" and clamps onto most 24-55 thrust electric motor with shafts measuring 1 1/8" in diameter.  The Bullnose Rudder is a universal design and may be mounted in an upright position on the front or back of the shaft.  (Some motors are shorter than others not allowing it to be pointing toward the propeller, thus the "back" mount.)  It may also be mounted with the short end down (upside down) for shorter motors.  A universal design to fit your needs.



Works well with Kayaks, Canoes, and Pontoons...
anything with an Electric Trolling Motor

The rudder is not only limited to Pontoons as shown in the video.  It may also be used on any small watercraft with a 24-55 thrust motor.   The Bullnose Rudder is a great asset to any kayak, canoe, pontoon or Jon boat that has an electric trolling motor.                                                  



Also fits Cable pulled Bow mount motors

While Bass Fishing in the shallow water the Bullnose Rudder improves steering which allows the boat to have better direction and stability.  The rudder is designed perfectly to match the shaft with a notch creating a flush fitting along the lower motor.  Fits any shaft that measures 1 1/8" in diameter no matter the thrust including the Minn Kota, EDGE, MAXXUM, and FORTREX.

Clamps fit perfectly on most fiberglass shafts.  Use mounting tape provided for aluminum shaft or any smaller diameter shafts.

Pontoon Rudder