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When the ice begins to form, the fish slow down in their feeding habits.  So my first instincts are how to improve my fishing skills through the ice. 


          As a beginner in ice fishing 25 years ago, I was introduced to a slip bobber.  I found out really fast how sensitively the fish were biting on my line, and I had to be very attentive in watching the bobber before I could catch a fish.  I was not really sold on the idea of a slip bobber because when I broke my line, my hands were too cold to reset it.


  My final product is the “Ice Fishing Tip Down-Tip Up” featuring “Original Blue” and “Big Red”.  They have been on the market for a couple of years now and reviews show that they are the most durable tip downs available.  Order yours at


Jim Lefgren
December 2015


The next year someone gave me some piano wire and beads to make a spring bobber.  I liked the idea for sensitivity, but when it got really cold I was always sucking the ice off the eyelet to get my line to drop into the ice hole.

Years went by, and then one day I saw a wooden tip down!  The rest is history!  I began to invent a nice tip down.  It gave me incentive to use my own reflexes when catching a lot of fish.  Today I like large eyelet-short poles for hard water fishing.  Tip downs are the only way to ice fish for quick action and satisfaction!