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           Well it’s time to start looking at a new ice fishing season.  I went out to my garage to check on my ice fishing equipment, and I noticed that everything had dust on it!  Oh how quickly the summer months went by. . .

            As I have been looking through the new ice fishing catalogs, I felt that some of my equipment was out of date.  It was fun to see the new inventions that have come on the market recently, but the items that have caught my attention are the new in-line ice fishing reels.  To me it seems like in-line reels for fly fishing have been around forever.  So in doing my updating, I found there are good and bad features to look for when purchasing in-line ice fishing reels:

·         Does it have room in the handle for your gloves?

·         Does it have a good winding ratio?

·         Does it have a good drag system?

·         Does it have a good release button for the spool?

         By performing all of these tests, I found one main thing to watch out for. . .when you do a dead stick drop, make sure you have your finger on the reel to prevent backlash on your line, or you spend a lot of time getting the rat’s nest out of your spool.  All I can say is, “good luck!” in picking out your new in-line ice reel.

Jim Lefgren
Autumn - 2015


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Ice Fishing Season

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