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Sometimes when I’m out ice fishing, my fishing line will catch on the edge of the ice, and it will break.  When this happens, my hands are usually too cold to re-tie a new knot to attach the hook and lure.  To solve this problem, I found that a swimming noodle (or pipe insulation wrap) combined with PVC pipe works well for a jig to hold pre-tied knots.

Cut off about five inches of poly foam.  Cut an eight-inch section of PVC pipe and spread glue onto five inches of it.  Insert the pipe into the poly foam hole securing it with the glue.  Draw lines with a marker around the poly foam (about one-half to one inch apart, depending on the size of your hooks). 

Before you leave for ice fishing, pre-tie your knots and wind the line around the grooves, securing your hook into the poly foam.  Saves time and prevents your hands from getting cold!

-Jim Lefgren

Heat a ¼” drill bit or round file with a multi-purpose lighter.  Using the heated tool, form/melt a grove in the poly foam all the way around following each line.  (Refer to the photos for more info.)


What Fishing Line to use?

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Ice Flies? Ice Jigs? Ice Lures?

Definitions and characteristics:
              Ice Fly:   A lure made up of feathers, dubbing, and hooks.

              Ice Jig:  A painted lure made up with lead, steel, and a hook - weighing under 3 oz. and small in size.

              Ice Lure:  A large lure (over 3 oz.).  Heavy for the purpose of plunking or pounding the bottom of the lake to kick up a cloud of water to attract the fish.

              I personally like Ice Jigs because they are easy to make and decorate by using powder coating or fish tape.  One way to make ice jigs is by using a stainless steel pizza cutter blade. (You may purchase pizza cutters at your local dollar store.)  Knock out the center rivet and use a pair of tin snips to cut them out.  Use a one-inch belt sander to smooth the edges.  Embellish with sparkle tape (fish tape) and a #8 hook.

            I’ve had a lot of success in making my own ice jigs (see photos), and they work well while fishing through the ice.

Jim Lefgren
December 2015


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