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DIY ice fishing lures


Ice Flies? Ice Jigs? Ice Lures?

Definitions and characteristics:
              Ice Fly:   A lure made up of feathers, dubbing, and hooks.

              Ice Jig:  A painted lure made up with lead, steel, and a hook - weighing under 3 oz. and small in size.

              Ice Lure:  A large lure (over 3 oz.).  Heavy for the purpose of plunking or pounding the bottom of the lake to kick up a cloud of water to attract the fish.

              I personally like Ice Jigs because they are easy to make and decorate by using powder coating or fish tape.  One way to make ice jigs is by using a stainless steel pizza cutter blade. (You may purchase pizza cutters at your local dollar store.)  Knock out the center rivet and use a pair of tin snips to cut them out.  Use a one-inch belt sander to smooth the edges.  Embellish with sparkle tape (fish tape) and a #8 hook.

            I’ve had a lot of success in making my own ice jigs (see photos), and they work well while fishing through the ice.

Jim Lefgren
December 2015


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