. . . a unique steering device for small watercraft!

          How can an ordinary boat rudder be a unique item?  This was the question being asked when Jim Lefgren said that he had invented a boat rudder for the electric motor on his pontoon.  This one-of-a-kind rudder was especially made to fit onto small electric trolling motors (24-55 thrust), ones used on small watercraft such as individual pontoons, kayaks, and canoes!  These motors have a little propeller which moves the craft forward or backward, but basically have little in the way of steering abilities. 

Bullnose Rudder

Jim says, "The Rudder idea came about when I was floating around a small lake on my Pontoon and trying to fish.  I had installed a small electric motor so I wouldn't have to use oars or flippers, and I noticed the lack of steering I had with just the motor alone especially when the wind came up. . . I had to return to shore and wait out the blustery weather!  All control was lost with just the motor as a guide.  It bugged me. . . thus, the rudder idea came to mind.  After several prototypes, experiments, and much field testing, I was pleased to have the control I needed to get me around the lake.  Eventually, I designed, patented, and manufactured the Bullnose Rudder for consumers." 

  As soon as the rudder was patent pending, Jim began manufacturing them and testing the market on eBay.  They started selling nicely, and he got some very positive comments from his customers.  When the patent became finalized, he decided to go ahead and mass produce them and let the world know there is a way to control that small watercraft - even in the wind! 
  The Bullnose Rudder was born and is now being marketed worldwide. 
See our website: http://BullnoseProducts.com for more information on this and other products created and marketed by Jim.

Bullnose Rudder