Can Fish See Colors? I went fishing with my buddies on Bear Lake last weekend in northern Utah.  To start our early morning fishing, we pulled out the lures that we had been using in July (silver, brass, dark green with strips of red and yellow).  

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In the summer, we had great success with these lures. . . the temperature of the water was around 59 degrees then.  However, when attempting to use them in the month of November, we had no bites.    After going through our tackle box for an hour and a half, trying various lures, and having no success, we checked the water temperature.  It was 39 degrees.  Thinking that their food had probably changed because of the cold weather and water, we decided that yellow and green were not working.   We finally found a lure with silver, blue and chartreuse, and the fishing was on!  I would say that their feeding habits had changed, and the fish were attracted to different colors.  I am sure the fish recognize color!

  I’ve found that if you don’t recognize the seasons and habitat (location) of the fish, you may not have the fishing adventure you are seeking.  Then, other times it’s just a stroke of luck.  This is what makes fishing a challenge! . . . Jim Lefgren

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Jim Lefgren
Autumn 2015

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